Dialed BMX Shows at the 2015 PA Fair Convention

This weekend marks our 2nd year at the PA fair convention to promote our BMX stunt shows and hopefully book more shows. So far it has been a pretty good turn out. We have rebooked a few shows from last year and a couple new ones for this year, along with a few good potentials. These conventions are actually a pretty fun time where you get to meet people, talk business and non business. Just a fun atmosphere of people communicating and having a good time. After all, everyone with a booth is there for the same reason, which is to find more business. Below you will see our new canopy pop up tent that was designed by Jorge Jovel and he did a wonderful job with everything. We have gotten many com...

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Anti-Bullying School Assembly Programs in PA and NJ

The Dialed Action Sports Team has been super busy recently with anti-bullying school assemblies in PA and NJ. Our BMX stunt team has been traveling to elementary and middle schools in PA and NJ to provide an action-packed BMX stunt shows all while giving the students a powerful anti-bullying message. We teach them how to Recognize, Refuse and React to a bully or bullying situations....

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BMX Bike Stunt Shows in Boalsburg, PA.

The Dialed Action Sports Team wrapped up our first day of BMX bike stunt shows in Boalsburg, PA. yesterday at the People’s Choice Festival. Our BMX stunt team is here again today (July 12, 2014) for yet another great day of high-flying bicycle stunt shows. At this years festival we have professional BMX riders Mykel Larrin, Alistair Whitton, Jimmy Hake and Brian Cunningham. Our stunt team is based out of Boalsburg, PA so it’s a great feeling doing shows for the hometown. We have 2 rollerblading and BMX shows today starting at 12:00pm and 4:00pm. Make sure to stop on by and witness first hand the gravity-defying shows of the Dialed Action Sports Team....

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Educational School Assemblies in Millville, NJ.

The Dialed Action Sports Team was in Millville, NJ at Lakeside Middle School on Thursday July 10, 2014  with Doug Morrision, Cory Berglar, and Ryan Davis where the team performed two bmx stunt shows for an excited  crowd of children and educators. Our summertime assembly was packed full of a great variety of high  caliber bicycle stunts as well as inspirational messages about bicycle safety and the importance of  finding one’s own passion in life. Thanks to everyone who made these performances possible, and  thanks to the children who so enthusiastically cheered us on!! Check out Dialed Action Sports team this  weekend in Chicago, IL or Boalsburg, PA if you are nearby....

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BMX and Inline Skating Stunt Shows in State College, PA.

Well, tomorrow is July 4th aka Independence Day. The Dialed Action Sports Team is proud to announce that we’ll be performing at the 4th Fest in State College, PA. tomorrow. Our bmx stunt team will even be in the town parade. We’ll be cruising through the parade proudly with our new trailer decals. After the State College, PA. parade which starts at 2:00pm we’ll have 3 bmx stunt shows and inline skating stunt shows at the Bryce Jordan Center at 5:30pm, 7:00pm and 8:00pm. So, make sure to swing on by and watch our team perform bmx and inline skating shows....

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Testimonial from our Anti-Bullying Assembly

Hi Brian Just wanted to tell you that the BMX shows today (April 4, 2014) were AWESOME! The kids and the staff really loved it! I have gotten nothing but good feedback from everyone. The boys were funny and hi fived and fist bumped the riders saying “Awesome!” and the girls…well…the girls hi fived them and then screamed to their girlfriends “I touched him!!!! He touched me!!!” ha ha! So fun was had by all. ha ha. Your guys were very nice and did a great job! Thank you again! I look forward to having you back again next year in Monaca, PA. for another anti-bullying assembly. Kind Regards, Kerry Your browser does not support the video tag...

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