2015 Spring Tour Comes to an End.

The Dialed Action Sports Team has been SUPER busy this 2015 Spring time. Just about everyday our BMX stunt team would be performing somewhere, whether it’s at a school, fair or festival. There were even a portion of time when we had double and even triple bookings. So we had a group of riders go to one location and another group go elsewhere. We have had a GREAT time this Spring and thank all of our customers for having us at your school or event. Also, a big thanks goes out to all the riders for putting on such “dialed” shows. We are looking forward to this Summer and Fall. Stay tuned!...

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Reading Fair in PA. BMX Stunt Shows

Starting on Monday August 5, 2013 to August 10, 2013 the Dialed Action Sports Team will be performing at the Reading Fair in Reading, PA. Our BMX stunt team will be performing 3 times a day at 4:30pm, 6:30pm & 8:30pm. The Reading PA Fair is located near Allentown, PA. and their website for more information is http://www.readingfair.us/Reading_Fair/MIDWAY_Events.html . At these BMX stunt shows we will have professional riders Mike Fede, Andrew Fox, Ryan Davis and Brian Cunningham. We’ll be selling t-shirts and posters after the shows, so make sure to stop by and check out the action and meet the riders in person. The Reading Fair only cost $10.00 to get in and they have a lot of awe...

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School Assembly BMX Stunt Shows in Ohio

Well, it’s Friday and the Dialed Action Sports Team has a busy day ahead. We have 2 different schools to perform at in Cleveland, Ohio. At the same time we will have a separate crew in Orrville, Ohio performing at another elementary school assembly. At each of these school assembly BMX stunt shows we will be going over bike safety and anti-bullying with the kids. We’ll be going over the importance of a helmet and how to avoid a bully or what you can do to help prevent someone from being bullied.  After these shows we drive 4 hours back to State College, PA. then head to New Jersey for our 25 and 50 mile bike ride event that we are doing to help raise money for the Multiple Sclero...

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Anti-Bullying School Shows with BMX in Ohio

Today (May 16, 2013) starts the first of 2 days of school shows in Cleveland, Ohio for our anti-bullying school shows. Today our BMX stunt team will be performing at 3 different schools with professional riders Brian Cunningham, Jason Perz and Nick Bruce. Tomorrow we’ll have 2 more schools to perform at in Cleveland, Ohio and at the same time the Dialed Action Sports Team will also have a crew performing at Orrville, Ohio for another school assembly program. Good times to come, so be on the look out for photos and videos to follow after the shows....

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Fun and Educational BMX Bike Shows in PA.

Today (May 15, 2013) the Dialed Action Sports Team performed a fun and educational BMX bike show in Bethel Park, PA. near Pittsburgh, PA. At this school assembly program we had professional riders Zane Bradley and Keith Schmidt along with announcer Brian Cunningham. These kids were some of the loudest kids I’ve heard in a long time. It always a good feeling when everyone is enjoying our educational BMX stunt shows. Thanks Bethel Park, PA for having us at your school show.  ...

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BMX Stunt Team Preps Elementary School in PA. for PSSA Testing

Yesterday on April 4, 2013 the Dialed Action Sports Team was in Bethlehem, PA. for an elementary school PSSA testing. Basically, our show was to prep them on making smart choices, working hard and doing well on their PSSA test coming up. At this BMX stunt show we had professional BMX riders Mykel Larrin and Brian Cunningham, along with our charismatic announcer John Saxton. On  a side note, Mykel Larrin will be traveling to Brazil next week to compete in the Brazil X-Games. Wish him luck! This guy is amazing on a bike! At this school assembly show we also talked to the kids about bullying and why it’s bad and also bike safety. The show went great and below you will see a photo of Brian...

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BMX Stunt Show Video

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