BMX School Assemblies

100% GUARANTEED SATISFACTION! Your students deserve the best!

  • YES! We offer the most exciting, inspirational and action-packed BMX school assembly program available.
  • YES! Our BMX bike shows incorporate powerful and meaningful messages that will make a positive impact and leave lasting impressions.

Are you looking for an educational school assembly that will CAPTURE YOUR STUDENTS’ ATTENTION? Then the Dialed Action Sports Team is the way to go! Our BMX school assembly show provides an energetic and choreographed show, that your students will truly enjoy and learn from. We provide some of the best riders in the sport, doing the BIGGEST and CRAZIEST tricks in the sport, such as back flips, 360′s, no handers and many more that will have your students screaming for more.

Tragically, youth today lack good role models. Everywhere they look – from Hollywood celebrities to rockstars and mainstream athletes – they are bombarded with just the opposite.  They witness scandal after scandal of drugs and dangerous lifestyles rampant in todays cultural icons.

What chance do they have if all they see is negitive role models?

What happens when they think that these bad role models are “cool”?

We can see what happens when we look at some of the problems in today’s society with the drugs and gangs on our streets.  The Dialed Action Sports Team seeks to provide positive role models who show your students what is possible by living a healthy lifestyle.

Our BMX School Assembly Programs offer a wide range of powerful and motivational messages for kids. We can tailor our programs to fit your school assembly theme.  We provide these messages in a fun, non-preachy way with 3 key building words RECOGNIZE, REFUSE, and REACT.

Our BMX Stunt Team can provide inspirational messages to your students that include:

Why Hire Team Dialed’s BMX Stunt Show for your next event?

Having professional entertainment at your event should leave a lasting impression with your audience, long after they leave. With over 70% of our clients requesting us to return to their events year after year, we guarantee that the job will get done right. Our BMX stunt team is dedicated to professionalism, respect, and hard work.

Please view our testimonials page to read some wonderful feedback from our past clients.


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